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Three Reads for Aspiring Creatives


Breaking into the industry can be difficult, and knowing where to start is key.

Take a look at some of our top recommendations for breaking into creative career roles.


The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later, Pete Barry

Pete Barry worked at Ogilvy London and now teaches in New York, goes straight to the basics: work out what you want to say, who you are saying it to, and how you want to say it.

Get creative


Hey Whipple Squeeze This, Luke Sullivan

This new fourth edition explains how to bring brand stories into interactive, dynamic places online, in addition to traditional television, radio, print, and outdoor ads.

Time to write


Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media, Robin Landa

An updated edition of the complete guide to the creative processes behind successful advertising design. The second edition of Advertising by Design has been developed and greatly expanded but is still the most comprehensive text on creative concept generation and designing for advertising.

Start designing

These books are sure to leave you bubbling with ideas and insights – don’t let that enthusiasm go to waste! Check out our DMA Talent initiatives and join us for a Book Crit, or a Fresh Blood event soon.

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