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The Top Five Football Marketing Examples We've Seen


It may not have ended the way we wanted, but the World Cup certainly got us chatting, restored our faith in English football, and got those pub tills ringing. As soon as England got out of the group stage, it gave marketers the go-ahead to start capitalising on the country’s new found love and trust in Gareth Southgate’s side. Here’s a small selection that worked for their simplicity.

Mr Hyde - Subject Line Personalisation

Our Managing Director Dan Brookman received an email with the subject line: ‘Brookman to Kane… SCORES!’ Why is it so great? Because it’s simple, but it incredibly enticing. Bravo Mr Hyde, bravo.

Walkabout - Social Media Sharing - Venue Atmosphere

Walkabout made the most perfect move for them - they shared footage taken from their venues when England scored goals, showcasing a rather spectacular scene of fans going wild and a large amount of beer being thrust into the air. This led to news reporters coming down to film and seats selling out for future matches very quickly. You can’t just show the World Cup, you must DELIVER the World Cup. Well done Walkabout. Check out one of those videos here.

Bargain Booze - Sharing the nation’s nerves with copywriting.

When England got through to the quarter and semi-finals, it was a tense time for all of us. It was great to see Bargain Booze highlighting this in their email:

Deliveroo’s £1 Goal Giveaway - Timely Content With a Nice Hook

Sometimes just a nice little content hook and an incentive works wonders. Deliveroo came up with a great way to increase orders. Users would receive an app notification when their ‘£1 Goal Giveaway’ promotion went live. All you had to do was order during the match and every time either team scored a goal, Deliveroo would give you £1 credit towards your next order.

Greene King - Frog and Parrot - The Finals Weekend Email

Why was is so good? They highlighted the fact that there was very little pressure for England in their battle for third and fourth place but it was nice to give them a good send off! They also used Top Trump style cards for each of the top 4 teams. Who doesn’t enjoy a Top Trump card?!

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