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The six types of digital SME


What type of small business are you? What type of small businesses are you selling too?

Based on a 2015 survey of UK SME’s, we have grouped that audience into six types based on their preferences and answers.

Advanced (19%) – These SMEs have fully embraced digital marketing with formal plans laid out. They also have a digital budget to ensure things actually get done and not just talked about. These SMEs are more likely to be medium sized companies and are likely to be looking to grow over the next couple of years.

Close Followers (10%) – Similar to ‘advanced’, these SMEs have an overall marketing plan but are not quite as advanced in ‘digital’ - only doing it when they have the time. They also often lack a formal digital budget. It is likely that as the benefits of this ‘occasional digital’ come to the fore, these close followers will invest more heavily.

Un-committed (7%) – These SMEs have plans for both offline and digital marketing but no budgets in place to guarantee execution. Spending is done ad-hoc or is focused entirely on ‘free’ channels. These SMEs have good intentions but may not be maximising digital benefits.

Casuals (14%) – Casuals are not opposed to marketing but it’s not a top priority. They only do it when they have the time and very few have a budget.

Old School (25%) – These businesses do marketing activity but are yet to move to digital, sticking instead to offline channels. Old School SMEs tend to be smaller companies of 1-10 employees.

Uninterested (24%) – This group say ‘no thanks’ to marketing, claiming not to do any marketing activity (or at least not realising that they do). This group often feel like the David struggling against Goliath and are typically less interested in growth.

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