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The Private Life of Mail


Scratching the surface wasn’t enough. When we decided to investigate the medium of mail, we lifted up the bonnet and had a really thorough look about.

Everyone thought they knew exactly what mail could – and couldn’t – do. But the world had changed so dramatically we thought it was time to test everyone’s assumptions.

We spent 18 months conducting a series of research projects to understand exactly what mail means for consumers, and what that means for brands looking to use it.

We’ve looked into consumers’ homes and found that mail lives a rich, complex and surprisingly long life beyond the doormat. We’ve looked into their hearts and uncovered the deep emotional responses that are triggered by sensations of touch. And we’ve literally looked into their heads, using the latest neuroscience techniques to discover that mail has a profound and direct impact on the brain.

Our results and findings were as vast as they were varied – they couldn’t possibly fit into a blog. So, we put them into a book, which we called The Private Life of Mail.

If you want to build a relationship with your consumers, it might just be that the way into their homes, hearts and heads is through their letterbox.

Download your copy of The Private Life of Mail here.

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