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The makings of a monster


Spotify reveal your musical preferences, BBC's latest tear-jerker, how to get drunk at Christmas, and a monster to have us all scrambling for the light switch again.

Are there more magnificent words than ‘Piers Morgan failing miserably’?

There’s errs6ors, and then there’s errors.

Reviews. Reviews. Oh, and more reviews. Anyone would think we’re coming to the end of the year.

From Burger King’s Google stunt to The Labour Party’s ‘For the Many, Not the Few’, Marketing Week are looking back at 2017’s campaigns of the year.

Cinema. Ahead of Oscar season, Esquire lays out their top 10 films of another outstanding year in film.

The traumatic revelation that your top artist is Neil Diamond.

Spotify’s latest data-driven shenanigans are revealing music-lover’s true taste, neatly compiling your most listened to tracks, artists and genres of 2017 into one interactive and curiously colourful page.

Balloon-filled auditoriums – made to be danced in.

Take a moment. Lose yourself. Enjoy The National’s latest music video, Dark Side of the Gym.

Not one, but many. An ode to the voices that launched a hashtag, a movement, a reckoning. The silence breakers are TIME’s Person of the Year 2017.

‘Too often I’ve been the only woman to speak at a panel, or in a speaker room at conferences’ says Cadi Jones, commercial innovation director for Clear Channel Outdoor. Launching WomenPresent, Jones and her team aim to connect event managers and contents leaders with the aim of putting more women on stage.

Is abandoning ‘lad culture’ and improving gender diversity the best way forward? Paul Wright of ad tech company, lotec reckons so.

Just when you thought the battle for top Christmas ad was over, the BBC have only gone and pulled their very own corker out of the bag.

Their newest stop and CGI animation advert has been made with the help of puppet makers, MacKinnon & Saunders of Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox fame, and tells the story of a dancing daughter and her busy Dad.

In case you were struggling with it, here’s how to get drunk at Christmas.

Live by the nugg. Die by the nugg. See 2017’s most retweeted post.

Google and Facebook enjoy an 84% share of global digital media. Ay-tee-for-per-sent. Mark Ritson on why you should fear the ‘digital duopoly’ in 2018.

With that, Facebook has revealed plans to add a further 800 people to its payroll in the country – on the same day that it opened its new London headquarters.

But it ain’t all about the book of faces, no sir. One of the world’s youngest billionaires, Snapchat boss, Evan Spiegel explains why his relaunched app could have the answer to fake news and filter bubbles.

When did monsters under the bed become so friendly? ­It wasn’t like this in the sixties. The dark was an unknown entity. Children never slept. Monsters did their jobs properly.

Offering up something with a little more bite this Christmas, MegaComputeur’s short is here to give us all a welcome fright.

Soz Moz, this guy is a total jerk, and we kind of love him for it.

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