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Royal Mail Wholesale opens digital stamp indicia trial


Royal Mail Wholesale has launched a trial with new designs for digital stamp indicia

In the promotion, Royal Mail Wholesale offers users the chance to use new digital stamp indicia, to help benchmark their effectiveness.

Two digital stamp designs are available:

An Alice in Wonderland design

A traditional design using the Queen's profile

Whichever you choose, you will need to apply the Access Licence Number assigned to you under your Access Contract to the artwork you create (to replace the C1 12345 number shown in the images above). All artwork must fully comply with the Digital Stamp Design Specification and gain written approval from Royal Mail Wholesale prior to use.

Customers that want to take part must:

  • Hold an Access Contract and sign and return the digital stamp testing agreement with Royal Mail prior to mailing (or post via a holder of an Access Contract which has a digital stamp testing agreement with Royal Mail in place prior to mailing);
  • Meet the Digital Stamp Design Specification;
  • Gain written approval from Royal Mail Wholesale that your artwork meets the ‘Digital Stamp Design Specification’ in advance of handing over any mail;
  • Have mailings to handover between 1 September and 30 November 2015 that displays the new digital stamp image (the new indicia must not be used outside of this testing period); and
  • Continue preparing and uploading your mailing items in the same way you do currently with the exception being the inclusion of the new indicia on your mailing items.

Royal Mail Wholesale hopes customers using these new designs will share details of their campaign testing results with them. The success of the trial will determine whether the new digital stamp indicia will be introduced permanently, most likely to customers using Royal Mail Wholesale's Mailmark service.

If you would like to take part in the trial please contact your postal provider account team or

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