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Remove unpredictability in a changing environment

The last few years have been characterised by their unpredictability. From the financial crisis and Brexit to extreme weather events, circumstances beyond our control, either directly or indirectly, can have a knock-on effect on consumers and their supporting organisations. To reduce the impact and disturbance to a customer’s desired outcome, resilient organisations should be strategising onhow they will respond to such events so that there is no information vacuum, and the unpredictable is made more predictable. When a business knows precisely what action to take for their customers, they put themselves in a position to construct the best possible customer journeys. This allows them in turn to maximise the potential value of their whole customer base. And when an event occurs out of the blue, a business who knows their customers inside and out, based on listening to their responses and feedback with powerful insight tools, will be better placed to succeed in an unpredictable environment. A coherent customer strategy helps a business to stay ahead of the curve, and this can only be achieved through the expert use of data and insight. Whether a business is sending direct mail or digital messages, if they aren’t aware of their customers’ preferences, responses, and key demographic information, they are unlikely to achieve a positive outcome from their communications. Effective planning and execution enables this. It turns an unpredictable scenario into one that is predictable where both the organisation and its customers have greater control than before. For organisations, effective communications strategising and deployment can lead to their own positive outcomes, including preservation of reputation in a crisis, customers remaining loyal and even being advocates. Unpredictability can be an opportunity to not only retain but also grow the customer base, while delivering to your customers the outcomes they desire. Direct mail services which integrate print with digital channels can maximise their customers’ experience, connect purchase journeys and maximise the return on investment. By utilising data and insight, they can ensure they know as much about their target audience as possible before any communication is sent, and resources aren’t wasted communicating with a customer in a way which is unlikely to have a positive outcome. Paragon Customer Communications can support organisations with turning the unpredictable into the predictable. Through our solutions we can assist organisations with the planning and execution of an effective communications strategy across the end-to-end customer journey. From data to digital, secure documents to direct mail, we send over 4 million messages for our clients every single day.
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