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Marketer Email Tracker 2018


How aware are marketers about the GDPR? And what are they aware of? What are their plans? Understand this, more insight on the place of email in marketing strategy, email testing approaches and best content techniques in email with our 2018 tracker. Produced in partnership with dotmailer.

Each year we delve in the ins and outs of email marketing - from the marketer's perspective.

What are practitioners doing with email? What challenges do they face? How are they overcoming them? And - of course - what about email marketing and the GDPR?

All the answers and more here, in our Marketer email tracker 2018. Click below to learn:

  • How marketers feel about the upcoming GDPR, and life post May 2018
  • Where email sits in today's marketing strategy
  • What the latest budget approaches are to email

Our annual look at email through the lens of those who love it, use it and lean on it the most is here. Enjoy.

Marketer email tracker 2018

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