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Make the customer the hero of your story


As businesses continue to become digitally mature, you need to deliver experiences that are more personalised, not just for existing customers but also for first-time site visitors, which means using real-time behavioural data. Seems simple enough, and yet research from Econsultancy shows that less than one in five (18%) marketers uses a single customer profile for most of their marketing applications, and 45% don’t use a customer profile at all.

By 2018, organisations who offer personalisation will outsell companies who don’t, by more than 30% (Gartner). So why has personalisation become critical to business success?

Creating meaningful, real-time interactions

Analysis from Researchscape shows that 91% of marketers currently use, or intend to use, personalisation within the next year. By personalising your marketing, you target individuals with dynamically generated, personalised communications across different channels.

But if you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not provide your clients with real-time personalisation? An even more powerful tool, it enables you to make decisions during a live interaction. When executed properly, the rewards of real-time personalisation can be enormous:

Increasing sales and revenue

Enhancing online conversion rates

Boosting average order value

Strengthening customer loyalty and retention

IBM Marketing provides simple real-time personalisation, creating opportunities for deep market segmentation, better conversion, higher lifetime value and greater retention throughout the customer lifecycle:

Homebase: providing its customers with highly personalised shopping experiences, it saw:

40% of customers are now shopping online.

30% increase in online traffic driving double digit sales growth.

FreshDirect: driving personalised campaigns based on insights, it experienced:

40% lift in order rates with new customers.

10x increase in transaction rates from cart abandonment communications.

In an environment where customers are better connected and demanding more, you need to create and deliver marketing campaigns that really stand out and exceed expectations.

Discover how IBM Marketing delivers real-time personalisation for deeper customer engagement…

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