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Is it time for a digital detox?


Internet usage has increased again this year with 91% of the UK population ‘online’. But latest statistics suggest that even though more consumers are online, some are now wanting to take a break and go offline. Is it time to offer your clients a digital detox?

Consumers are hooked to their smartphones

There is no denying that more people are accessing the Internet. Nine in ten adults now report going online every day, with being ‘connected’ seen as a core part of their daily lives. Many claim to feel lost without connection to the Internet and admit to being ‘hooked’ to their smartphones or tablets. The Internet is highly valued for facilitating communications and preventing boredom, but time spent online does have its drawbacks. Four in ten Internet users say they spend too much time online and report experiencing negative effects as a result.

As part of their annual research into Internet usage, Ofcom have published some very interesting research to better understand the impact – both positive and negative – of the constant connectivity to the Internet on people’s lives.

Four in ten Internet users spend too much time online

According to the research, four in ten Internet users believe that they spend too much time online. Many have seen negative consequences on their work and personal life; from being late for their job to spending less time with friends and family. One in ten now admit to taking a ‘digital detox’ to take a break from the online world.

The most common reason for going without the Internet was ‘to spend more time doing other things’ and ‘to spend more time talking to friends or family’.

When Internet users were asked about the specific ways in which they had tried to reduce their online time, 24% had cut down the amount of time spent generally browsing online, while 20% had made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of time spent on social media. The same proportion admitted to attempting to replace an online activity with its physical counterpart – for example, making a conscious effort to go to the shops rather than shopping online.

33% of those who had a digital detox said they felt more productive, while 25% agreed that they found it ‘liberating’, or felt ‘less distracted and more focused’.

Is it time to offer your clients a digital detox?

Here at Datagraphic, we understand that the electronic communication of documents may not be for everyone. That’s why, we’re ready to help you at whatever stage your clients are at. Some of your clients may be Internet wizz’s and want their documents viewed online, accessed from multiple devices – if so, then we’re right behind you and will support you. Similarly, if your customers fancy a digital detox, a step back from the digital world, then a print solution can be just as powerful. Take a look at our animated video to learn more.

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