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Imprint-MIS Direct Mail Business Control System


The BCS Estimating module handles multiple items/components of differing run lengths including data handling and processing with the ability to split out detailed pricing in a quotation. The system also handles laser and digital print click rates for simplex and duplex personalisation.

BCS Works Instructions are produced with a user definable format that makes it easy to enter and control orders, regardless of the number of components and whether they are produced internally, outworked or supplied by the client. Multiple cells and their individual mailing target dates and variable components can be handled and managed within one order.

Within the BCS the Shop Floor Data Capture offers more individual and immediate advantages, in one hit, than any other with a choice of input devices such as keyboards, barcode readers, or touch screen. JMF data can be also be received through the Shop Floor Data Capture module or, where a machine is not JDF enabled, Imprint's SentinelNet Machine Monitoring system can capture performance data from almost any print, finishing or enclosing equipment.

All data is captured live in order to access valuable real costs to a job and will also update Production Control and Imprint's on-line Factory Viewing system.

Client supplied items can be tracked and traced against cells and the Imprint Warehouse system can track the location of all components related to a mailing and its cells through bar code location and pallet labelling and movements traced via hand held 'palm' computers and Wireless LAN. Campaign elements and cells can be quickly located when required for personalisation, enclosing or delivery.

In the BCS, mailing costs are an important item, so full control is maintained over costs even when split or spread over several mailing runs. Additional costs incurred can be identified and recorded and clearly displayed for easy client approval pre and post invoice.

Stock Control that can be used on both Raw Material and Finished Goods or a hybrid of the two is available, as is often required with Direct Mail. Often items are supplied while other items are produced in-house, all to be present and correct for enclosing.

Production planning including scheduling for complete campaigns and multiple cells that can be controlled to ensure that all items reach the enclosing date together, updated live from multiple areas of the BCS.

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