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How to use direct mail marketing effectively


1) Interactive print advertising

Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of marketing. The rise of the digital age has, undoubtedly, presented it with a number of challenges but this hasn't stopped the channel from embracing new technology. Take augmented reality and interactive print ads for example, they're becoming more and more rife, being deployed by a number of companies as the new 'weapon' in their marketing arsenal.

With mass competition, retailers and brands have to stand out from the crowd and what better way to do this than to combine print and digital. You quite literally bring your product to life. Take a look at some examples here.

2) Incentivise & integrate

There's no question we all love a good freebie, right? And so a good incentive can go a long way. They're an important part of lead generation and can more often than not, act as the extra push for that desired action. Remember, does the incentive enhance your message and is it relevant?

Integration. Integration. Integration. The best marketing departments out there understand the importance of combining and fully integrating all of their campaigns. There's little value for example in sending out a direct mail pack to supporters if you have no plan of action when it comes to pushing your message out online and via your social media platforms.

3) Clarity & creativity

Content is key. It's also one of the biggest mistakes that a company makes when it comes to their direct mail campaign. Use powerful words to get your message across. Be creative, a dull and aimless campaign will be sure to fail. Engaging and innovative copy isn't to be underestimated, invest in a skilled copywriter if needed!

So to sum up? Direct mail is central to any marketing objective. If effectively and efficiently used, it will be the catalyst to boost your brand awareness, rate of sale and response rate.

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