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How to: Manage your time as an Account Manager


I do not think that there will be an Account Manager in the world who has not experienced a flap because they have a number of clients all wanting different things at the same time. The statement “there is one of me and eight clients to satisfy” has probably been uttered from many sets of lips who are involved in sales and marketing.

I have proposed below methods that I use to control what I need to do on a daily basis. I am not saying they will work for everyone, but this is how I get through my day when I have more than one account to work on.

1.Task list

I always write a brief task list for the day to come. A summary of accounts I need to make a call or send an email on. I then write down a priority number next to them which will dictate at what point in the day the task will get done. If I am scheduled to work on the account that day then the tasking is simple as it is easier to work on the activity required within the day. If not, I need to work out when will be best to call or email for the client throughout the day, which could mean in my break times, lunchtimes or indeed at the close of the day before leaving the office.

Learning to prioritise is not the easiest lesson as everything is important for the clients you work with. However, something is required to keep you from driving yourself up the wall!

2.Diary use

This cannot be emphasised enough, and works well with a task list. It may sound a little belt and braces but if you are dealing with over three accounts on the same day then you will need your online diary. Sometimes it can feel a little annoying having pop ups come on every ten seconds, but that is where the sorting out priority works well. The diary pop up’s are really just to remind you that the task needs to be done not when in the day to do it so you can organise your task list but also maybe change where the pop up comes in your diary to the time you can deliver what is required and then it will pop up to remind you at the appropriate time.


Lastly, the CRM… when you are working on the account itself, the reminder/task list is invaluable. I also like the ability to colour code as it appeals to by anally retentive nature. In all fairness it also allows you to see what is urgent, what needs to be done and what is run of the mill activity. When you are just on an account to make sure all is running smoothly, rather than on daily activity, this is a life saver.

So in a nutshell these are my tips for successfully keeping your head whilst all around you are losing theirs (not at TNBA though as the above is standard practice).

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