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How to improve your marketing ROI using SMS guide


When used correctly SMS marketing can be highly affective. Over 77% of the world’s population own a mobile and of this 12% are smartphones which account for over 65% of mobile traffic!

For most people text messaging is widely available and more affordable than other forms of mobile communication such as email, MMS or mobile web. Plus almost all mobile users know how to use SMS.

With SMS marketing you are guaranteed deliverability. Whilst you still have to make sure your content is relevant and useful to the recipient, there is no junk folder or ISP to stand in your way. People carry their mobile phones with them everywhere they go so your SMS marketing message is likely to be read within moments of being sent.

Did you know?

Mobile text messaging has the fastest read rate at 90% in 15 minutes and a 97% final open rate

On average SMS customers see an increase of 300% ROI over and above any other form of messaging communication

In 2011 SMS traffic exceeded 8 trillion


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