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The Careers & Enterprise Company is working with partners to build on and improve the connections between young people, their communities and local employers. By getting involved, you’ll become a part of a fantastic network that aims to inspire young people in need of support and guidance towards a brighter future.

And, it’s not just young people this initiative is benefitting; your involvement will provide new and exciting opportunities for both you and your business. Not only will you use your skills and network to inspire young people and improve their chance of getting a job, you can help address skills gaps in the local and national job market, deepen your connection to the local community, build your company’s reputation and develop your own interpersonal and strategy skills.

So how does it work?

By getting involved, you’ll become part of the Enterprise Adviser Network which is a community of businesses, local schools/colleges and enterprise coordinators. Each school/college is supported by an enterprise coordinator, or programme partner, who provides the link to local employers as well as helping those businesses to develop a strategy to ensure involvement is productive and above all meaningful.

As an employer, you can get involved on a number of different levels:

  • Become an Enterprise Adviser and work with a local school or college to help develop their careers and enterprise plan
  • Offer young people encounters with the world of work, such as mentoring or work experience
  • Encourage your staff to volunteer for local outreach activities or work encounters
  • Take your school engagement programmes into more schools and colleges

Yes, the Careers & Enterprise Company acts to help young people with difficult career-related decisions, but this initiative increasingly is proving to help those in need of social support. The young people you’ll encounter will vary from those with families who have little knowledge in careers preparation to those disadvantaged individuals in social care, but one thing is certain, your involvement at whatever level will positively influence a young person towards a brighter future.

‘We are helping, in our own way, shape and improve the workforce of tomorrow. Seeing a direct impact on a student, knowing that you have left an indelible memory that might just spark their future, is pretty amazing, and humbling. What a privilege.’ Kevin Rogers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Wilson Browne LLP.

If you’re not already sold on becoming a part of something inspiring, head to the Careers & Enterprise site here to find out more information and register your interest.

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