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Follow the call of the disco ball


The comeback of all comebacks, the stress-points of a looming egg-head, the battle for and the secrets of a musical great.

Off to a party this bank holiday weekend? Here’s 101 ways to ruin it.

Exhausted? Don’t blame it on sunshine or the boogie – moonlight, on the other hand.

Life through the eyes of a bee, not quite as harrowing as it sounds. Häagen-Dazs have set about creating a bug-eyed VR experience to support honey bees. Did we mention the free ice-cream?

Dust off your flares. Heat up them rollers. Dancing queens, the time has come.

In the spirit of disco and funk, the world's least-Googleable band, The Internet have returned with a brand new track and accompanying video, and the funk is palpable.

You’ll want your shades on for this one.

Ying and Yang. Lennon and McCartney. ASDA and Sainsburys.

One supermarket mega-merger to rule them all. Will it work? Can it work? Do we care? Shockwaves through the industry leaves questions around branding, jobs, and shop floor survival.

Festival news – but not the music kind. D&AD, in partnership with Guardian Media Group, has announced a new global event of creativity created to celebrate its power and explore how it shapes culture, intersects with business and builds a positive future.

In-house creatives: does talk of business send you to sleep at your desk? Well, wake up and smell the jargon – the value of what you do needs to be measurable. And it is - just ask in-house expert, Emma Sexton.

Would you buy photos to fake the perfect life on Instagram? Not all is as it seems.

Putting together a design portfolio – the dread is real. Fear not, help is at hand.

The future isn’t bright. The future isn’t orange. The future is bald.

Alright, so maybe not for all of us – but for the chaps holding onto those finals strands, the struggle is daily and acceptance is key.

Capturing the stress points of a looming egg-head, French animator, Paul Cabon tells us his tale of inevitability – and why it kind of sucks.

Fabric mavericks. Also known as people you hide on your Facebook timeline.

Mickey at the click of a mouse - Disney weigh in on social. Announcing a collaboration with Twitter this week, the global brand have publicised they will be making shows specifically for the channel.

‘The role of a runner goes back to the beginning of time, and most people that work in the industry started out this way.’ Recent grad, Scott Kennedy on getting an industry start as a runner at Blink.

The Conservative Party add photoshop to their list of inexcusable failings.

One man. One country. The battle for combattre le pouvoir Frydman!

The makings of a musical legend, a closer look at the late, great Whitney Houston.

Directed by Oscar winner Kevin MacDonald, Whitney is the first documentary to be approved by the estate of Whitney Houston since the singer's death.

‘I want to reveal a woman that even her most die-hard fans never knew’ says MacDonald. The documentary features previously unseen archival footage, interviews with family members, rare live performances, and unreleased songs.

Cinema release is set for 6 July.

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