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Firebase: Googleâs All-in-One Solution


Why should I Care About Firebase?

If you have ever developed an app before you will understand how it can be troublesome. With many different vendors providing many different services such as Real-time Databases or Notification Delivery Systems, you have to implement and keep track of all of these SDKs and make them play nicely with one another all while trying to keep the app as lightweight as possible.

You can say goodbye to all of that with Firebase. With just one SDK Firebase is a one-stop-shop for app developers and marketers alike. While Firebase’s development suite is pretty great, where it really starts to shine is with Firebase Analytics.

What’s so good about Firebase Analytics?

  • Out-of-the-box tracking – When using Firebase Analytics there are lots of things that are tracked automatically without any additional implementation work. This tracking includes user demographics such as age, gender, geographical location and events such as first_open, and in-app purchases.
  • Easy to implement – An out of the box Firebase Analytics implementation really is just a case of including a couple of lines of code in your app. Even with custom event tracking implementation couldn’t be easier.
  • Actionable insights – With an app that makes use of the Firebase development tools such as Notifications and Remote Config by splitting out your user base into audiences you’re able to make use of the insights that you gain through Firebase Analytics and action them using these tools. For instance, you can send different audiences (groups of your app users) a unique notification depending on their behavior patterns analyzed using Firebase Analytics.
  • Free and unlimited! – Firebase Analytics is completely free and unlimited meaning that your data is 100% unsampled and there isn’t a limit to the amount of event hits that you send.
  • Product linking – Being a part of the Google family, Firebase is able to link with many other Google products. For PPC attribution Firebase Analytics links with AdWords allowing you to gain insights into app conversions and target engagement ads to your user base. BigQuery linking on the other hand gives you the ability to access all of your raw analytics data for deeper, unrestricted analysis. You might not want to have to choose between Firebase Analytics and say, Google Analytics, and you don’t have to. In this case Firebase Analytics can link with Google Tag Manager so that you can send the same event data to your secondary Analytics platform.

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