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DMA urges political parties to prioritise new Data Reform Bill

Today, the DMA, along with industry partners, has written to political parties to include a new Data Reform for Growth Bill in the upcoming King’s Speech.

A central part of the DMA to work with legislators to ensure they are aware of how our industry works and what they can do to support innovation, protect rights, boost growth and clearly define rules and regulations. In this economically challenging environment, it is more important than ever we work with policymakers to create the conditions in which organisations in our sector can thrive.

The most significant piece of legislation we have been working on in the past several years has been the Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) Bill.

It is a well-crafted piece of legislation with broad support from all parties. The DMA and industry colleagues were consulted extensively. Indeed, Chris Combemale chaired the Secretary of State’s Business Advisory Group (BAG), which brought together industry leaders and key sector organisations.

However, while the Bill was well on its way to passing, the surprising timing of the election meant there was not enough time to pass the DPDI Bill. Given the huge amount of work put into this by MPs, campaigners and the Advisory Group over several years, and the fact the Bill was so close to completion, some members of the Business Advisory Group (which is officially disbanded due to the election) have today published an open letter in which we appeal for a new Government’s commitment to pass a similar piece of legislation in haste.

Having worked with MPs of all parties on the DPDI, and achieved cross-party support for much of the business group’s recommendations, we are confident a new government of whatever stripe would seize this opportunity to pick up the work already done, fine-tune, and pass it through Parliament.

The open letter below underlines the specific points of importance any new bill should adopt.

As we head into a fresh parliament, the DMA will be working hard to ensure voices of members and the industry are heard by Government. As always, we welcome views and input of members.


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