DMA Future Writers' Lab - A lesson in confidence

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DMA Future Writers' Lab - A lesson in confidence

I’ve been a writer – professionally – for going on 9 years and yet, the DMA Writer’s Lab is the first ‘writing course’ I’ve signed up for. I was lucky enough to be nominated through my work as one of two candidates to partake in the course. My background is mostly editorial writing – newspapers, magazines, websites and the like and I’ve only recently forayed into the advertising world of copywriting. Naturally, my strengths until now don’t lie in nailing an entire campaign concept in a simple, catchy, quirky sentence… yet.

The DMA Future Writers' Lab reignited my passion and interest in writing. Debi is a fantastic teacher and she manages to convey the urgency that copywriting is a craft that needs to be nurtured and respected.

In an always-on, digital first world, copywriting is getting faster and the demands are greater. Mad Men’s mid-morning whiskies are a thing of distant imaginations. The DMA Future Writers' Lab helps equip you to deal with this ever-changing world.

From the first moment I stepped through the door, I knew I was going to feel uncomfortable. And I needed that. Writing a story in 10 minutes and reading your writing – out loud – is a vulnerable exercise. Each class I was pushed well beyond my comfort zone and this culminated in our final session, where we presented our work in an exhibition style forum to other class members. Each and every member of the group rewards you with critique. And yes, it’s always a reward. Always encouraging, always enlightening.

Our final project was the biggest challenge of all and I found the whole process an extreme learning curve. From speaking and interviewing people I didn't know a year before to reading out loud in front of strangers, I walked out of the final session feeling more confident. And ultimately reassured that yes, in fact, I could write that quirky-catchy-campaign line. And it was quite good, actually.

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