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Consumer email tracker 2017


It may come as heartening for marketers to hear that consumers are truly email devotees.

Not only did the latest wave of the DMA's Consumer email tracker, sponsored by dotmailer, suggest 83% have remained faithful to original email addresses, but that 99% check email every day.

However, the definitive guide to email marketing also revealed that consumers are adjusting their behaviours when it comes to their inbox and are using different addresses in distinct ways.

Read the research report to find out how savvy consumers are using email to take advantage of offers and filtering the messages that do land in their inbox, including:

  • What needs are best serviced by email
  • The types of content most likely to get cut-through
  • Which brands do email marketing best, according to their customers
  • How consumers feel about data privacy

Developed by the DMA, with sponsors dotmailer and research partner Beautiful Insights, this definitive guide is a close-up look at what consumers say about what brands send them.

If you have a spare 10 minutes, you can also offer your own views on email in the latest edition of the DMA's Marketer Email Tracker survey. You'll also have the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Consumer email tracker 2017

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