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Are your Facebook Marketing Efforts in Vain? Use This Free Tool to Find Out!


With so many businesses flocking to Facebook, it’s a no brainer that our company should probably have presence there too! With that being said, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of marketing departments struggling to demonstrate the value of social to the wider business, especially when it comes to gaining the attention of board members. This isn’t because marketing doesn’t add value by investing in social… but more about proof. Without clear proof points, it can be difficult to achieve a true representation of how influential our Facebook marketing activities have been. Thankfully, we have LikeAlyzer to help us communication professionals combat this challenge.

LikeAlyzer is a free online tool created by Meltwater for companies that want to 1. become more successful on Facebook using data driven marketing and 2. create buy in for being present on Facebook in the first place! Since over 100 000 people worldwide visit LikeAlyzer every week, it’s clear that we’re not the only ones striving to do this.

The tool can be used by beginners, experienced users and social media experts alike to help analyse Facebook efforts by analysing our page and offering tailored recommendations on how we can improve our Facebook marketing strategy.

Check out our previous blog post on Likealyzer for more information around what the analysis the tool provides, or, if you’re a more of a hands on learner click here to jump right in and try Likealyzer for yourself.

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