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Alterian re- emerges


Some of you will remember Alterian from our glory days of the 2000’s where we worked extensively with our partner community to bring customer insight to life with a wholly innovative view of Cross Channel Campaign Management. Many of you still use our system today, and to you we are incredibly thankful for your business. Some of you may not know us at all, that’s ok, we’ve been around…just not as clearly as we should have been over the past 4 years.

That said, we are not the same Alterian you might remember, so I’d like to explain our new focus to you. Simply put, our mission is to Help Marketers perform like Rock Stars. We do this by helping B2C brands connect with their customers to create an exemplary customer experience. We accomplish this by helping brands connect both fast data (i.e. behaviors driven by the immediate transaction they are having with the brand) with slow data (i.e. historical purchase history, customer lifetime value and loyalty data) to provide a complete understanding of the customer. We help marketers turn that data into real customer insight through the fastest and most complete database engine in the business. Finally, we turn that insight into action by allowing marketers to create sophisticated marketing programs that build to an extraordinary customer experience.

We have been working on some truly innovative things that we plan to introduce to the market. Our new user interface is not only easy to use, it is efficient and effective for the average marketing user. We will build on that usability through consistent user feedback and plan several enhancements to the user experience in 2017. We have also completed work on our Real Time Marketing Engine. This engine operates independently of channels and helps marketers create a consistent and coordinated experience for their customers…in any channel, and even when consumers hop across channels in real time.

We look forward to connecting with our old partners and humbly serving the market. Many of us have dedicated our careers to helping marketers kick ass and take names. We are excited to work with new partners and marketers to help usher in a new era of marketing.

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