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During this session, we will delve into the capabilities of the RedEye platform, showcasing the features designed to elevate your campaigns including:

1️⃣Bid farewell to the guesswork of scheduling your emails

When's the best time to send your campaign? When the recipient will open it! We'll show you how the AI-driven Send Time Optimisation algorithm will analyse your subscribers' behaviour and patterns during the last six months to identify the optimal send time for each and every customer.

2️⃣Streamline the email creative process with automatically generated, captivating and relevant subject lines

Never suffer from creative block again! See how our Subject Line Generator scans your email creatives and suggests a range of subject lines, giving you options to A/B test a variety of different options.

3️⃣Predict your customer's future behaviour, maximise revenue and drive lifetime value at scale

Convert and retain more of your customers, decrease your unsubscribes, enhance deliverability, and increase the number of your VIPS! All made possible, thanks to Predictive Modelling. We'll explore how these models completely transform the way you build your multi-channel marketing automation campaigns.

4️⃣Uncovering hidden insights and creating compelling dashboards is as simple as typing a search query into Google

AI-powered tools take the headache out of report generation and save you time. Find out how the algorithm identifies new trends and detects anomalies turning you into a proactive marketer.



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