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5 Top tips for Selling #Social


The plan and strategy is simple if you follow these 5 top tips;

Understand where your key target audience is hiding

A recent salesforce CRM study shows that sales reps are 70% more likely to secure an appointment when reaching out to a prospect via a LinkedIn Group. Multiple sectors have groups within LinkedIn to which senior decision makers become members and actively look for content within these groups that relates to pains and trends in their sector. So why not try this? Find a pain within that sector and share a post to the group on why a certain solution can solve that issue.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan

Social selling doesn’t have to be time consuming in your daily work life. Simply plan your post’s content and decide where and who you will be targeting that week. Keep your plans short and concise with room to change the topic at any time. (You never know what changes happen overnight in various sectors) According to a feedback systems study on the future of digital sales, only 8% of social sellers have a strategy in place which is fully integrated into the sales process.

3.Always stay visual to your network

If you’re too busy closing deals and turning heads in customer meetings, don’t forget, always stay engaged with your social connections. This can be in the simplest form of ‘liking’ or re-sharing stories that fit into your target sector or, more effectively comment on your connections stories and create a flowing public dialogue that embraces trust and expertise.

4.Be educational and socially solve problems

In platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter people engage more if being educated on how to solve marketing or business problems. 81% of buyers report they’re likely to engage with sellers who have a strong professional brand according to a recent LinkedIn buyer’s survey. You can educate the connection about a solution. This in turn transforms you into a modern thought leader on smarter communication services.

5.Track and evaluate your posts

If you’re feeling brave enough to share a story/URL via LinkedIn or Twitter, always remember you can track the analytics of all your posts for you or your marketing department. Always make sure to use a shortened URL link. You can get these via Google or dashboard programs like Hootsuite. This will allow you to see the activity towards your posts, how many times it’s clicked, geographical location, even down to the device used to view the post. Understanding these key elements of how your posts are ultimately delivered will be the important factor towards social selling success.

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