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5 stage lead nurturing email checklist


An email lead nurture campaign is crucial for turning a lead into a fan and then a customer.

Follow this checklist for a stunning drip campaign that shows your credibility and authority.

  1. Establish rapport by outlining the biggest problem your audience faces. Detail how your product or service provides solutions by detailing your key features.
  2. Provide social proof by way of customer reviews or case studies.
  3. Send a video demo or tutorial around a key painpoint.
  4. Show some user generated content.
  5. Hook into a trending topic or special day and relate it back to your brand.

Each email informs, educates or entertains, with a clear and single call-to-action.

Click below to view and share the checklist and use for best practice lead nurture emails.

For more details on a what to put in your lead nurturing email campaign, see our in-depth blog on the topic.

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