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10 Reasons to Consider External Lead Generation


10 Reasons to Consider External Lead Generation

1. Experts in the field

Specialist lead generation providers have invested time and money in developing the systems and expertise that they need to ensure that they can deliver the lead generation campaigns promised; including how to get the best from your content.

2. Scalability

The volume of leads that can be supplied to you are likely to be far greater, than you can generate through your internal databases alone, both in terms of numbers of contacts and the different sectors that can be reached.

3. Outsourcing benefits

Everyone knows that outsourcing a task can have multiple inherent benefits. It’s one less thing to worry about; saving time, effort and internal headcount on both the marketing and sales teams. It can even be cheaper than running your own campaigns.

4. Higher response rates

Some of the time and money that lead generation providers invest will be dedicated to getting campaigns to respond. Whether this is in email deliverability or training telemarketing staff, they’ll get a response from those that are the hardest to reach.

5. Test without diverting sales resources

If you’re launching a product or trying out a new customer segment, you can use external providers to better assess viability and profitability from a wider market, and it’ll have the added benefit of keeping resources focussed on areas you know will yield revenue.

6. Save time on qualification and admin

An external lead generation provider will be able to qualify your prospects for you at the point of interaction and feed that information straight into your CRM or marketing automation system; saving time on follow-up, scoring and data-input.

7. Guaranteed return

Many companies can provide you with campaigns that’ll provide a guaranteed number of qualified sales leads from your selected target market. One common programme type is a Cost-per-Lead campaign that even guarantees the price, too!

8. Clean data

A high-quality lead generation company will devote resources to the sole function of updating and cleaning their data. It’s in everyone’s interest to avoid contacting unresponsive or unwilling contacts, plus it’s essential to have new data as people start or change roles.

9. International scope

Some providers are able to offer you industry-specific international campaigns, also. Run with ease from just one point of contact, they can provide a campaign that offers significant economies of scale.

10. Supplementary services

Many companies offer secondary products, such as nurturing services, and can even produce the content to run in a lead generation campaign, which is great because they know exactly what types of audience are responding in your sector right now.

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