10 Articles you should read to launch a Direct Marketing Campaign

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10 Articles you should read if you want to launch your first Direct Marketing Campaign


Direct Marketing is still very much alive in this online marketing age, in fact, it is making quite a come back as it has better cut through and proven returns. At Romax Marketing & Distribution, we have lately experienced a significant increase in marketers, both in B2C and B2B, asking for advice on how to create what in many cases is their first experience of a printed Direct Mail campaign.

The main questions relate to the lack of resource and knowledge about Direct Marketing and their positive impact on value creation. There are very few blogs that talk about Direct Mail, present case studies or show research and outcome. Marketreach is, however, one such resource that any marketing professional intent on learning about direct mail, should investigate.

Moreover, marketers are afraid of launching their first campaign without knowing what the impact or response they should expect. Furthermore, the lack of knowledge on how the direct marketing industry works, increases the campaigns lead time.

To help direct marketing newbies with their first campaign. We have collated a series of our 10 most successful blog posts. Marketers can find information related to research about how Direct Mail impacts on customers, how to measure and increase your response, main mistakes and how to fix them, and a case study from one of our clients.

1) Direct Mail Beats E-Mail

You’ll find neuroscience research about paper perception and the recipients emotional processing, and how the brain responses to the printing material. Read the full article here.

2) 2018 Direct Mail Facts & Figures

This article reviews the JICMail report with the most recent study of Direct Mail in the UK. You’ll discover what UK consumers do with their mail, across the different types: advertising mail (addresses mail and door drops) and business mail. You can also download the full study. Read more here.

3) 45 Facts You Should Know About Direct Mail

A collection of stats related to Mail addresses, Mail perception, Mail and Business, Mail and Email, Mail data management and Mail delivery,. Read and discover Mail's impact on consumer behaviour. Did you know that 92% of people are driven online or to digital activity as a direct result of receiving direct mail? Read the full article here.

4) 3 Ways to Measure Your Direct Marketing Campaign

In the digital era measurement is something that you take for granted, but what about Direct Marketing? There are easy ways to track your direct mail, and in this article, we present you with three of them. Read more here.

5) 7 Tips to Increase Your Direct Mail Response Rate

If you want to succeed in your first direct mail campaign, follow these pieces of advice that will help you to increase response and improve campaign ROI. Read the full article here.

6) Types of Printed Personalisation that Increase Your Sales

Personalised or targeted direct marketing campaigns are more than “Hello Name” and personalisation is something that you must include in all printed communication. Did you know that we can modify an image to add a personalised text for each customer? Read more here.

7) 3 Common Direct Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Who hasn’t made a mistake on the first attempt? We want to help you to improve your marketing campaign and prevent you from making those common mistakes that inexperienced direct marketers often make. Read the full article here.

8) 5 Ways to Save Money in Your Direct Marketing Communication

We are not going to hide the fact that Direct Marketing is more expensive in comparison with email, but as we have already demonstrated, the return is well worth the investment. Read more here.

9) 3 Reasons to Outsource Your Client and Membership Management

Some companies, such as insurance and finance organisations who send out regular printed communication, that can include welcome packs, policy documents, claims letters or monthly newsletters, can benefit in terms of brand loyalty, productivity among other metrics, when outsourcing their printed communication. If you are considering creating a single customer view, this article can help you to make those critical and positive early decisions.

10) Direct Mail Case Study: 349% ROI

Understanding how other businesses are making a success of their DM and seeing their results can help you to persuade your head of marketing to approve your direct mail budget. The following Fantastic Services case study details how to make a success of it.

The article was written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager.

Romax Marketing & Distribution has more than 20 years of experience managing membership and client printing and communication services for organisations such as Southbank Centre, DKMSand PlusNet. Contact us for a bespoke Membership Marketing Solution: hello@romax.co.uk, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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