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080 numbers to be free to call from mobiles


Ofcom felt that there were a number of problems with 080 numbers and found that consumers were not happy with the lack of transparency around the costs ringing and receiving 080 calls.

Ofcom made the discovery during a consultation on simplifying charges for non-geographic phone numbers.

The main change that will take effect from 1 July 2015:-

- Calls to 080 numbers will be free to call from both landline and mobile numbers regardless of the communications provider chosen.

At the moment most land line providers do not charge for calls made to a 080 number but mobile providers do often charge.

From 1 July 2015, 080 numbers will be free for consumers to call from their mobile phones as is currently the case with land lines.

However, Ofcom recognise that servicing a call from a mobile carries extra costs and so there will be a 'top-up’ fee that the business hosting the 080 number has to pay to the telephone provider.

Ofcom have not finalised what that ‘top-up’ cost will be but promised the industry that the charge will not be more than 2 pence per minute.

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