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DMA Mentoring Scheme

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The DMA Mentoring Scheme connects people at the beginning of their career (mentees) with experienced marketing professionals (mentors).

It's important to hear a trusted and neutral voice outside the business that you work in, someone who just has your interests at heart and who can give you another perspective. Many of today's senior industry figures had mentors in their early careers and this scheme provides an opportunity to give back, and no doubt learn a few things from our talented mentees at the same time.

Our matching events are on hold for the time being as we adhere to social distancing guidelines, but you can still register your interest using the mentor or mentee registration forms below and we'll be in touch when we have news about future events.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

If you feel you have the skills and expertise to support and guide someone new into the industry and importantly want to share your knowledge, we want you! Our mentees are ambitious individuals keen to progress, so if you're ready to help shape a future leader there's no time like the present. You can't teach a dog new tricks doesn't apply here; you might surprise yourself and learn a thing or two.

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What about the mentees?

If you're fresh into your career and are looking for advice from someone who's been there and done it, the mentoring scheme offers the perfect platform. Whether it's advice on career aspirations or challenges in your role, our mentors have been selected to offer rounded, informed advice. This is your chance to develop a relationship with and pick the brains of someone with a wealth of marketing knowledge and expertise.

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