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Marketing Challenge - A word from last year's winning team


Are you still making your mind up about whether or not to enter 2020’s Marketing Challenge?

We caught up with 2019’s winning team, GEMM Agency from the University of Greenwich, to find out what advice they have for anyone considering entering and the opportunities it’s created for them.


What would you say to anyone considering doing the Marketing Challenge?
Go for it. It's definitely worth your time. It pushes you to think outside the box and apply your academic knowledge to a brief from the ‘real’ marketing world, outside of university regulations. Think strategically, understand your audience and don't be afraid to be creative with your idea, make it your own and be passionate about it!

What was your favourite bit about working on the challenge?
It’s an adrenaline rush! We learnt everything from researching consumer behaviour and industry trends, to creating mock-ups of our idea and applying it to the real world. If you're passionate about your idea, the work is interesting and exciting - especially knowing your pitch will be viewed by some of the best companies in the world, it gave us that 'shark tank' experience which fuelled us with confidence. The whole experience really shaped us as a team, as professionals and as friends.

If you were to do the challenge again, what would you do differently?
Truthfully, nothing. We really focused on perfecting our pitch to a standard that we were proud of and something we would always be proud to present to the client. We made sure to give ourselves enough time to reflect on our work and listen to each other’s feedback. If we had extra time, we would have loved to expand our creative idea a little further as an 'extra bonus' to our pitch.

What opportunities has winning the challenge created for you so far?
Since winning the challenge, we've had an extreme amount of acknowledgement and praise, it really skyrocketed our names throughout the industry in which we are so grateful for. The event evening following the challenge allowed us to network (and swap contact details) with senior marketing professionals from renowned brands and agencies.

We're extremely honoured to have had the chance to meet such lovely, helpful and inspirational people in this industry and are extremely grateful for the opportunities given to us since.


If that hasn’t convinced you, we don’t know what will!

Find out more about 2020’s Marketing Challenge and get your hands on the brief, provided by StudentUniverse and Tourism NT, by clicking here.

Entries close on the 12 April 2020 and you can download the brief here and submit your entry here.

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