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Digital Growth Executive

What is day-to-day life like as an Digital Growth Executive, what are the main responsibilities, and what skills do you need to excel?

We chatted to Ben Clements, who is a Digital Growth Executive, to find out what day-to-day life is like in his role.




Role Profile

As a Digital Growth Expert it will be your role to work closely with the e-commorce team in order to come up with a a plan of action when manaaging and devloping the best marketing strategy digitally which will pioneer the organisation success through driving e-commerce traffic and revenue growth.

You will control and oversee a range of projects and play a key role in identifying roadblocks,whilst ensuring that creative solutions are found. You will also have to monitor the budgets of departments and ensuring results are delivered within quoted times. Working as part of a supportive and collaborative team you will play a key contributor to the organisation's success and ensuring the long term growth of the buisness


Key responsibilities

- Push online sales growth by inreasing web traffic and anaylsying how it can be improved

- Deliver reports on returns of investment on campaigns and conversions

- Maintain the trading plan and ensure the company goals are met and portrayed through dealings with clients

- Inform and influence other teams to drive postive contribution across a range of channels

- Create clear plans to deliver new customer based objectives

- Creation of digital calender and schedules

- Keep up to date wuth any devlopments in the digitl world and may help with generating ideas which will engage the customer

- Create reports which track progress of reports

- Use search engine optimization to improve the ranking of keywords of projects to boost engagement



Experience of budgeting, forcasting and reporting in an online buisness

Have a good ability to anticipate any new audience preferences and be able to make changes accordingly

Excellent communication and writing skills to be able to convey ideas succinctly within spoken scenarios such as meetings

A good understanding of webpage analystics and metrics in order to boost the engagement of content

Project management skills must be to a high standard as project can pile up and get hectic

Ability to make commercial decisions that are influcenced by insights and analysis


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