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Creative Data Academy Success Story


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Chloe Mo attended an Academy in 2017 as an International Marketing Masters student at the University of Sussex, and is now an Insight Analyst at ASOS. She got her first job in the industry at REaD Group as an Insight Analyst after meeting Customer Engagement Director Scott Logie at the Academy.

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Chloe Mo

“I was halfway through my master’s in marketing and found an advert from my university online promoting applications for the Creative Data Academy. It spoke about a different avenue of marketing I had never come across before - mixing technology, data, and creativity together. I was unsure of what I wanted to go into career wise and thought this would suit both my marketing and mathematical (which I did for my bachelor's degree) backgrounds perfectly.

The academy was eye-opening, listening to industry experts who really believe in what they do made me inspired to work in the industry. For me, the biggest takeaway was the link between data and marketing, I never knew how intertwined they were. An example would be using data to spot patterns then using that insight as a foundation to generate ideas for a marketing strategy or campaign.

Scott, Customer Engagement Director, REaD Group, invited myself and other Creative Data Academy attendees, to a recruitment day at the REaD offices. We were not only able to learn more about the company, but also about what it's like to work in the industry from graduates who were not long ago in the same position as us. Luckily for me, I was successful in getting a job.

My role as an Insight Analyst entailed creating actionable insights through modelling and reporting to help solve business problems. I really enjoyed my role at REaD Group, always working on a variety of projects for many different clients, and learnt lots of new skills in a fast- paced environment. No two days are ever the same.

I would definitely recommend the academy to anyone; it doesn't matter what background you come from academically, If you enjoy problem solving, have a keen eye for detail, and fancy being in an in-demand industry, than a career in data could be for you.”


Scott Logie, Customer Engagement Director at REaD Group

“REaD Group have been very happy to both sponsor, and support, the Creative Academy over the years. Not only is it great to be able to support an initiative that helps educate what we hope will be the next generation of data professionals, it’s also been a very good recruitment mechanism for us with seven recruits over the last few years.

A good example would be the recruitment of Chloe Mo, who joined us in 2018 after we met at the Creative Data Academy drinks evening and invited her to attend an evaluation day at our offices.

What struck us about Chloe, and many of the other candidates, was that she already understood a lot of what we do to help our clients – and was keen to work in the data industry. The insight she gained as part of the Academy meant that she was inspired and ready to look at a career working in data - a real bonus for REaD Group.

Chloe will have a great career in data, and I’d be more than happy to recruit others from the Academy based on her success.”


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