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DMA Talent Marketing Challenge 2024 - FAQs


What is the silver bullet you’re looking for us to deliver in our response?

This brief is designed to make you think and research. We want to see a clear understanding of consumers across the QSR sector and a strategic thought that builds on this.


Which is more important to KFC? Retaining customers or gaining more new customers?

Really great question – we would like to see your strategic thinking here. What do you think is more cost effective and can drive long term change?


Who is your main target audience?

KFC is a brand that has a role in most consumers’ life and different campaigns target different audiences. We are expecting you to define the target audience for your campaign using consumer insights.


What platforms do you currently use?

KFC has a fully integrated tech stack. That being said, if your campaign requires technology not usually found as standard in most MarTech stacks, we would appreciate any suggestion on how this would be executed.


What are your preferred media channels?

These differ based on audience, message and strategy – please recommend media channels based on your creative concept.


How many people are subscribed to your email marketing database?

We are unable to share this information but please assume that any CRM activity via email will not cover the whole base.


What companies have KFC previously worked with, such as Amazon and Pepsi?

You will find lots of information on our previous partnerships online.


Would you consider an affiliation program within your app? (Refer a friend scheme)

We are open to all ideas that are grounded in strong strategy and consumer insight.


Can we review, reformat and improve on a previous digital app campaign?

Feel free to use anything available publicly.


What data is captured through the app?

We recommend signing up to the app and taking note of which data you are being asked for.


What is the number of app deliveries that make up the current 15%? This is so that we know the minimum target number we need to increase app orders by.

Please make an assumption.


Does the £22 AOV include delivery cost?

No, this is just the order value.


Does the 10mil database include guest checkouts?

No, this only includes registered users.


What is the average frequency of orders via the app PCM?

We cannot share this information. Please make an educated guess based on delivery trends across the UK (this should be available via a variety of sources and we do want to see your insight gathering skills too).


What sustainable goals or contributions do you currently follow?

Please refer to our website for detailed information on our sustainability commitments.


Do you have any advice on pitching for the final shortlisters?

We will be expecting great insights and strategic and creative thought but the most important thing by far will be your story telling ability.


And finally, any last snippets of insights you can give the students?

When looking into competitors, don’t forget that as a restaurant selling food for lunch, dinner and in between, KFC has many more direct competitors than just the ones that might come to mind most easily. Friday night delivery for example, competes with a home cooked meal, a burger at the local pub, an M&S meal deal or going to an exciting new restaurant.


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