Big Book Crit


The Big Book Crit runs in partnership with the Graeme Robertson Trust, the IDM and the DMA to help aspiring creatives break into the advertising industry.

If you're passionate about getting your foot in the creative industry's door, want to meet the people that can help get you there and be inspired by your peers' work, you're going to want to get involved!

We hold Big Book Crits in five locations across the UK; London, Norwich, Bristol, Edinburgh and Manchester. They're held in the spring and autumn of each year and they're free to attend.

Crits coming up

There's one crit still to come in our spring 2019 series in Bristol. To secure your free ticket, click the link below:

Bristol - Zone Digital, May 22, 18:00 - 20:00

How does it work?

Turn up with your portfolio and ready to show your best work. We line up a stellar selection of Creatives from a variety of agencies who are primed to critique your work. You'll get 15 minutes with each creative, so you need to use the time wisely to explain and pitch your ideas concisely and clearly before getting on the spot feedback.

It's really important that you read our top tips for 'Getting It Right On The Night' here to make sure you make the most out of the experience, and, you can find out how to make sure you get a 4.5 star book review here.

Who can come?

The event is open to students at any stage of their course (you can be studying anything from graphics to illustration to copywriting), recent grads or anyone starting out in their career and looking for advice - Individuals and teams are both welcome.

You need a portfolio of work that you're comfortable showing off.

Still wondering what's in it for you?

>Invaluable networking with Creative Directors
>Priceless advice about your existing portfolio
>Prized and proven tips on how to improve your work
>Honest advice about how best to present your work
>The chance of an offer of a placement or even an actual job
>General careers advice from people who've been there and done it

Interested in attending a crit in the autumn? Register your interest here and we'll add you to our email database where we'll keep you up to date with all our programmes and events, ensuring you know when the dates are set.

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