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Customer Engagement - research round-up


Over the last three years we have analysed the multi-dimensional relationship that links businesses and brands with their customers. In particular, 2018 has been an exciting year for the marketing industry, with 2019 set to create even more change.

GDPR was certainly the cause of a some sweat and tears in the lives of marketers, but it has also changed and improved how we look at personal data – whether that’s from a consumer standpoint, or that of an industry professional. Brexit could change the rules of the game too, but, until we have clarification from politicians, we can only speculate.

Technology has continued to change and offer brands new and dynamic ways to engage customers. New models, like subscriptions, the introduction of chatbots to smooth service issues, and the implementation of AR and VR experiences to help demonstrate the quality of products, have helped brands acquire and keep customers.

Take a deep dive into this and so much more with our latest Customer Engagement research. In collaboration with Pure 360 and our research partner Foresight Factory, we have developed our Customer Engagement campaign, to find out what makes brilliant engagement for both marketers and consumers.

Dive into all of our reports and look at customer engagement strategies through the eyes of both customers and marketers.

In Acquisition and the consumer mindset 2018, we examined the relationship between brands and customers when the latter, in the middle of their decision-making process, ask themselves: “Should I stick with what I know or I try something new?

Acquisition and the consumer mindset 2018 report

DMA Insight: Acquisition and the consumer mindset

DMA Insight: New channels for acquisition

In How to win trust and loyalty, we delved into key questions like: How is loyalty changing? What do customers really want? Are consumers genuinely loyal to brands or is it purely habit? How can brands reward their customers and keep them loyal?

Customer Engagement 2018: How to win trust and loyalty

DMA insight: The customer loyalty landscape in 2018

DMA insight: Brands and consumer loyalty

And now for the icing on the cake – in Customer Engagement 2019: Marketers' view, we asked over 200 marketers from all industries and businesses to tell us about their customer engagement strategies. We learned about the channels they use, where they are concentrating their marketing efforts, and which brands deserve the ‘customer engagement champion’ label.

Customer Engagement 2019: Marketers' view

Stay tuned for our innovative Customer Engagement 2019: Future trends report and be prepared to have your mind blown by what technology can do for you and your customers.

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