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The UK's National AI Strategy


Reshaping the understanding of data’s true value is an integral part of our mission. To help accomplish this, the DMA is committed to keeping data-driven marketers updated on ways to harness its power, and the UK’s first National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy is no exception.

Launched in September 2021, the government’s ten-year plan aims to develop the country into a global science leader and use data as a force for good through business, international investment, and growing the next generation of data-driven talent. The strategy includes proposals for a whitepaper on AI regulation, a new programme on national AI research and innovation, as well as ways to support businesses prosper from AI tech.

Its focus is threefold, ensuring that:

  1. The UK invests in AI’s long-term growth
  2. The strategy benefits all sectors and regions of the economy
  3. It has clear rules that are applied to ethical principles and encourage innovation and investment

Furthermore, the strategy will raise UK standards around tech use and provide evidence for greater investor confidence. The plan came forward during the same time new data revealed global investors spent £13.5 billion into more than 1,400 UK private tech organisations between January and June in 2021. This is more than the large tech markets in Germany, France, and Israel put together. Over the last seven years, the government spent more than £2.3 billion into AI.

Rachel Aldighieri, Managing Director, DMA, said:

“We are increasingly observing the positive impact that data-driven tech has on society, especially the transformative effect of artificial intelligence on business. Yet concerns and challenges around the ethical use of data in tech still prevail. Data can only be a true force for good if underpinned by trust and so we welcome this plan to make the UK the leading global centre for responsible and trustworthy AI.”

OBE Edwina Dunn, who hosted the DMA’s Data 2021 event and is the Deputy Chair of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, said:

“AI has the potential to transform our society and economy. It can be harnessed to fuel business creation, transform public services, and make scientific breakthroughs. This depends on a foundation of trust. I’m delighted to see the National AI Strategy published today, setting out a plan to cement the UK’s position as a global leader in the development and deployment of trustworthy AI.”

This transformative vision will work alongside the rapid tech expansion around the world. It aims to make the UK the best place to live and work with AI.

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