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Scotsman Data Capital Podcast: Enough About Data - Let's Talk About People

The Scotsman's 'Doing Data Together' Conference finale consisted of a series of Data Capital podcasts. In the final podcast of the series, The Scotsman's David Lee talks to Standard Life Aberdeen's Head of Decisioning and DMA Scotland Chair, Firas Khnaisser and Ethical Intelligence's Olivia...

Edinburgh's Very Different Hogmanay 2020

Edinburgh, and Scotland, celebrated Hogmanay a very different way in 2020. Underbelly had no festivals in Edinburgh in 2020, but what they gave back to the city in beautiful creative was simply breath taking.

How Marketers Can Spark Customer Creativity Through Content

As part of DMA Scotland's regional content, guest contributor Kathryn Strachan, Founder & Managing Director, Copy House gives her insights on how to spark customer creativity.

Can We Market Our Way Out of This Mess?

As part of DMA Scotland's regional content, guest contributor Lou Kiddier, AlwaysBeContent gives her insights on why we first change our markets and what marketing means.

Democratising Scotland's Data Talent

How can Scotland ensure that it’s creating a constant stream of skilled employees to staff the spectrum of data roles? This expert-led whitepaper explores how we can democratise these positions and build a workforce that is far more diverse.

Whose Stories Are We Telling? How to Make Your Content Marketing More Inclusive

As part of DMA Scotland's regional content, guest contributor Louise Shanahan, The Copy Prescription, gives her insights on the power stories can have on promotion. If we want our audience to care enough to do something, they need to feel emotionally invested in the outcome. Read more.

Sell Yourself Creative Competition with Story UK Winner Announced

Breaking into the creative and advertising industry has never been easy, but feels harder than ever due to coronavirus. Thousands of students graduate from creative advertising courses across Scotland every year and sadly there aren't enough jobs to go round. Competition is fierce, so it’s...

Method in the Madness: A Podcast Exploring Creativity and Personal Development

A decade ago, Gregor Matheson decided to take control of his unhealthy and unproductive habits. Now, he’s created a podcast that combines his passion for creativity with self-development, which has grown to over 60,000 downloads in over 40 countries. Here’s his story.

Doing Data Right: Through People and Partnerships

Check out the Scotsman's latest conference on data