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Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2020

The latest edition of the DMA’s annual report into the state of door drops.

The Government Door Dropped 30 million Coronavirus Letters to UK Households. Why?

The Door Drop Hub examines the Government’s use of door drops throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

WEBINAR: Planning for Christmas with JICMAIL - For supermarkets, retailers and their agencies

Christmas is the key trading period for many ecommerce, retailer and supermarket advertisers. Join our webinar to hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, show how mail works to deliver engagement, brand awareness and response.

Does mail drive online behaviour?

As the use of online technology has increased so has the challenge of standing out. Alistair Ezzy, Lettershop, looks at whether mail supports digital marketing and talks about ways to use mail to best effect.

How mail can get the best from digital

Mail is often referred to as the ‘snail trail’ media channel, but in fact it can be the perfect complement to digital marketing. That’s what MarketReach wanted to prove in their recent webinar on ‘Using mail to get the best from digital’. Here are the points that could help you get the...

Door Drops - The Nuts and Bolts

The power of door drops is still going strong. So, whether you’re a pro, or just want a quick refresher, join us, alongside Whistl, The Letterbox Consultancy, EDIT, The Dragonfly Agency and JICMAIL who’ll take you through integrated planning for door drops, and show you what a successful...

JICMAIL Blog: Working from home? Ad mail always has been...

In his latest blog about mail and working from home, Ian Gibbs, discusses the household and individually targeted nature of door drops and direct mail pointing towards an increasingly important role for mail in the multi-channel mix.

Webinar: Improving econometrics with JICMAIL

Join our webinar to hear the white paper’s authors, Ian Gibbs, JICMAIL, and Louise Cook, Holmes & Cook, talk you through the necessity of updating econometric models with JICMAIL data using the twelve point checklist.

JICMAIL Best Practice Econometrics - Harnessing the power of JICMAIL to measure the true effects of mail

JICMAIL issues econometric challenge to evaluate the true effects of mail. Download the white paper and apply the 12 point checklist to econometric models to measure the true effectiveness of mail.