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Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2020

The latest edition of the DMA’s annual report into the state of door drops.

New Research: Changes for Identity in Marketing and Advertising

New Research from Winterberry Group explores the current state and future outlook for identity in a privacy-first, post-cookie world. Read the press release about the recent paper based on the insights of more than 100 senior industry experts in the U.S. and European identity ecosystem.

Coronavirus: June 2020 - Business Impacts Barometer

Find out how your organisation fits in with others across the UK data and marketing industry in response to the pandemic. Uncover the findings from the fourth phase of our examination of how businesses have been impacted in June.

European Court of Justice Strikes Down US Privacy Shield

The landmark ruling has been widely anticipated by the data and marketing industry due to the wide repercussions for some of the biggest tech giants and data transfers in the world.

Coronavirus: June 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The fourth phase of the DMA’s survey into the impact of the coronavirus reveals increasing concern and continued uncertainty in the data and marketing industry, despite the easing of lockdown measures.

Direct Mail: Discover the Power of Physical

Download a new eBook from The Royal Mail MarketReach that explores how to create connections with consumers using direct mail. Championing creativity, tangibility and the ability of print to persuade and delight, Discover the Power of Physical is a revaluation of this key component of the...

ICO Issue Guidance for Businesses Gathering Coronavirus Personal Data

As the hospitality sector opens up this weekend, pubs, cafes, restaurants and hairdressers will have to store personal information of customers in case they need to be alerted to outbreaks.

Thank God It's Friday: A Story of Transforming Business in Lockdown

When People’s Postcode Lottery pulled their annual Charity Gala because of the coronavirus, a remarkable business transformation followed. Julie Paterson, Head of Marketing, talks about how they suceeded, and her hope for the phrase, ‘Thank God it’s Friday,’ to have meaning again soon.
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Email Benchmarking Report 2020

The latest benchmarks across deliverability, open, click and click-to-open rates are ready. Read on to find out how your email marketing measures up.