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B2B Copywriting Masterclass: 08 Dec 2023

This course will take you step-by-step through each stage of the communication process - from planning to post campaign analysis. You'll be able to approach each new writing task with confidence in your ability, and a clear road map to success.

Copywriting Masterclass: 12 Dec 2023

Hone your copywriting skills with copywriting techniques that captivate and persuade your audience. Develop skills that help you connect with readers and inspire them to act. Through this course, you'll acquire practical tips and knowledge to boost the effectiveness of your writing in all contexts.

Campaign Planning Masterclass: 15 December

Omnichannel campaigns are the pinnacle of effective marketing. In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to plan and implement successful campaigns that utilise every relevant channel. You'll learn how to bring together your customer data and campaign insights to create...

User Experience Masterclass: 11 June 2024

Create the best possible experiences for your web and mobile visitors. Understand your customers' needs and use these insights to optimise your design and content. Learn how to test and improve your web and mobile media using analytics tools and techniques.
Why should I stay? The UX hooks that really matter

Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting

This course will help you achieve your business goals, by writing copy that engages and persuades your audience. Taught online in a live classroom over 10 weeks, with copywriting tasks and individual coaching.
Advanced certificate in digital copywriting