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B2B Copywriting Masterclass

This course will take you step-by-step through each stage of the communication process - from planning to post campaign analysis. You'll be able to approach each new writing task with confidence in your ability, and a clear road map to success.

Google Analytics: Advanced Masterclass: 23 Apr 2024

Drive better results from your website with a deeper understanding of Google Analytics. Discover advanced techniques that will help you segment data and drill deeper into your metrics. Build the confidence you need to make the most out of this essential tool.

Google Analytics: Essentials Masterclass: 22 Apr 2024

A one-day course that gives you best practice guidelines on analysing data trends. Get an overview of the Google Analytics dashboard and learn how to select the right data for your reports. Define your actionable metrics and filter data for deeper insights.

Google Analytics: The Complete Guide Masterclass: 22 Apr 2024

This two-day course gives you a comprehensive understanding of Google Analytics. Learn how to get accurate reports that help you boost your marketing campaigns. Discover how to measure SEO, PPC, social referrals, email, banner campaigns and other online activities effectively.

Customer Acquisition Masterclass: 08 May 2024

Develop campaigns that deliver more customers, using all the media opportunities available. From customer analysis, segmentation and profiling, to proposition development. Plan campaigns that deliver on your key objectives. Measure and test your campaigns to improve results.

Managing Stakeholders Masterclass: 08 May 2024

Learn how to gauge the preferences, behaviours and workings styles of yourself and others to build more effective working relationships. Discover how to improve existing stakeholder relationships and the tools you can use to help. Build confidence using real world examples.

Copywriting for Not-for-Profit Masterclass: 01 May 2024

Get greater impact and results from your fundraising copy. Understand how to grab your audience's attention, capture their interest and motivate them to give. Discover the best way to phrase the 'ask' and gain practical advice and insights that are proven to improve outcomes. Learn how to adapt...

Copywriting for Digital Masterclass: 15 May 2024

On this 2-day course you'll learn how to write better copy for web, email, social media and blogs. Use these techniques to gain attention, drive traffic and improve results. Understand what works and apply this to your writing.

Digital CRM Masterclass: 01 May 2024

Make the most of digital CRM to deliver better results. You'll learn how to manage relationships with customers and build stronger communications. Improve your CRM campaign planning and understand key performance metrics. Gain the confidence to integrate your marketing activities effectively.