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Presentation Skills Masterclass: 21 May 2024

Learn how to present with confidence, credibility and professionalism. Understand communication styles to improve your preparation and practise. Get your pacing right and learn how to create strong slides that complement your presentation. Overcome anxiety and power up your confidence.

Email Marketing Tactics Masterclass: 21 May 2024

Learn everything you need to create effective email marketing campaigns. This one-day course covers the whole process, from content, design and delivery, through to testing, measurement and analysis. Identify the key factors to success and gain the confidence to deliver results.
Email Marketing: Tactics Masterclass

Digital Marketing Strategy Masterclass: 04 June 24

To provide digital marketers with a structured and practical approach to developing customer-centric digital marketing strategies. Develop a Planning framework to ensure your strategy lays the foundation for powerful strategy development.
Digital Marketing Strategy Masterclass

Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting: 21 May 2024

This course will help you achieve your business goals, by writing copy that engages and persuades your audience. Taught online in a live classroom over 10 weeks, with copywriting tasks and individual coaching.
Advanced certificate in digital copywriting