Customer Engagement

It seems obvious. If you build a rapport with your customers, and you have something they want, then they will buy from you again and again. We want to know what builds this rapport. We know creativity, data and technology are factors but we don’t know how the interplay works. That’s why we developed our Customer Engagement campaign, to find out what makes brilliant engagement, for the benefit of marketers and consumers everywhere.

Better engagement means better business.

DMA Insights: Values Are Changing How Consumers Shop

Could your brand support consumers by developing offerings that align with their personal values? The public look to businesses with local credentials to support their communities, feel better connected with their neighbourhoods, and make more sustainable choices

All I Want for Christmas . . . is Less Email!

Six useful tips from our email experts to get ready for this holiday season!

Improving Contact Centre Results & Retention through Gamification

Have you heard a lot about gamification but confused about how it can help your contact centre? The DMA's Contact Centre Council spoke to David Cooke, Head of Sales, Ireland at Connex One who showed the many ways gamification can improve agent churn, sales, plus many more challenges. Hear more...

DMA Insight: Challenges and Successes Through the Lens of 2021

Once objectives are set and everyone is on board, what can stop email marketers’ success? Read on for a taste of the challenges marketers faced and overcame throughout 2020, as well as what this year meant for brands and consumers.

Could Awareness of Regulation Win the Battle for Trust?

The unwon battle for trust is a theme highlighted in the DMA’s latest Customer Engagement research, but new figures from the ASA suggest consumer awareness of the regulator could help win the war for consumer trust.

The Customer Journey - What Makes its Start Successful

What does your customer do in the different stages of your product/service lifecycle? And what does success look like from a business perspective? In this article, we'll explore a few best practices and strategies that can help you establish strong email subscriber engagement at the start of the...

Black Friday 2021 - Why is it such a different period of the year for retailers?

Black Friday isn’t an ordinary retail event – why so? Read on and find out the three factors that will make it different in 2021

Customer Engagement: Acquisition and the Consumer Mindset 2021

What influences consumers’ channel preference and decision-making? Email, TV and advice from friends and families still play a big part. However, the pandemic accelerated changes in multiple ways too. Find out more in our latest report.