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DMA Awards

The DMAs reward the people who are brave enough to be scrutinised. It’s not just about the big idea and the clever awards film. It’s about the insights, the clever use of data, the craft, the exceptional ROI, the work that pushes our industry forward.


Thoughtful Marketing: A New DMA Awards Category

In our new world of work, many brands and businesses have adopted and adjusted to our consistent belief in putting the customer first. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Thoughtful Marketing Movement to create a new DMA Awards category.

Time to Re-evaluate Direct Mail?

Check out the new inspirational ebook ‘Physically Irresistible’ developed by The Royal Mail MarketReach

Harnessing the Power of JICMAIL to Measure the True Effects of Mail

JICMAIL, the joint industry planning currency for advertising mail has released a whitepaper and checklist for applying previously unavailable mail interaction data to the marketing mix modelling process

The Story of the DMA Awards 2019

Why do the DMA Awards matter? The DMAs reward the people who are brave enough to be scrutinised. Testing the finest creativity, the sharpest strategy, the most eyebrow-raising results. Get a flavour of the DMA Awards journey, from start to finish.

DMA Awards: Webinar Library

Get ready to take a deep dive into everything that goes into award-winning work with our DMA Awards: Webinar Library

What's Next? 2020: What They Said

What will happen in the UK data and marketing industry in 2020? We tapped into the futuregazing minds of DMA Awards Grand Prix winners, chatted climate change challenges (and opportunities) and got a futurist's opinion on the role of tech and the ethics of marketing.

DMA Awards 2019: A Look Back...

DMA Awards night is the biggest celebration of work that works in the UK creative, data and marketing industry. Over 500 entries. 34 categories. Gold, Silver and Bronze winners and one Grand Prix champion to be anointed. Get a flavour of what happened on Awards night Thameside, under the...

Straight From the Judges' Mouth: The Talent Challenge

As an industry, we can offer a great deal. However, senior industry professionals believe attracting and retaining talent is a key challenge not being addressed sufficiently. Read on to find out more.

DMA Breakthrough Award 2019: The Winners

Discover who took home gold, silver and bronze for 2019's DMA Breakthrough Award