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DMA Awards

The DMAs reward the people who are brave enough to be scrutinised. It’s not just about the big idea and the clever awards film. It’s about the insights, the clever use of data, the craft, the exceptional ROI, the work that pushes our industry forward.


DMA Awards Judges 2020

Here is the list of our esteemed judges for 2020 who judged across two weeks and 35 juries including our Grand Prix panel.

DMA Awards 2020: Diversity and Inclusion

Discover how we’re making the DMA Awards 2020 the most inclusive yet, with help from our diversity partners Outvertising, CultureHeroes and Creative Equals.

Thoughtful Marketing: Tips from Brands that Stand Out

Our new Awards category, Thoughtful Marketing, applauds brands and businesses that have made changes to prioritise their customers throughout this time of crisis. Read on for tips from members of the community and examples of organisations that stand out.

Thoughtful Marketing: The Story Behind the Movement

To shine a light on consumer-centric work that’s helped people throughout the lockdown, the DMA has teamed up with the Thoughtful Marketing Movement to create a new DMA Awards category. Here’s our interview with the chair of the category, Charlotte Langley from Bloom & Wild.

Meet the Category Chairs of the 2020 DMA Awards

Who are the experts leading the 35 categories of our 2020 DMA Awards? Here’s a list of the big names that will make big decisions.

Entry Guide 2020

A downloadable guide to help you get the best out of the DMA Awards this year. With hints, tips, advice and inspiration, this is an everything-you-need-to-know entry pack that will be your faithful friend all the way through to Awards night itself.

Harnessing the Power of JICMAIL to Measure the True Effects of Mail

JICMAIL, the joint industry planning currency for advertising mail has released a whitepaper and checklist for applying previously unavailable mail interaction data to the marketing mix modelling process

The Story of the DMA Awards 2019

Why do the DMA Awards matter? The DMAs reward the people who are brave enough to be scrutinised. Testing the finest creativity, the sharpest strategy, the most eyebrow-raising results. Get a flavour of the DMA Awards journey, from start to finish.

DMA Awards: Webinar Library

Get ready to take a deep dive into everything that goes into award-winning work with our DMA Awards: Webinar Library