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DMA Email Council: Best practice infographics to supercharge your email


Our Email Council have pooled their considerable expertise to bring you a series of snappy infographics to help you hone a best practice approach to your email.

From campaign creation to creative, to delivery and response, get the insight you need to make the most of your messaging.

Here's the programme of activity:

DMA insight: Email business practice and compliance

Email marketing, like many digital mediums, involves activities governed by various legislations with penalties for non-compliance, but also codes of practice respected by the industry that keep the medium one that continues to engage.

This infographic looks at the legislation, compliance and regulation that govern how marketers use email.

Click here to download the infographic

DMA insight: The strategy of email campaign creation - LIVE SOON

In a nutshell a strategy is made up of what you send, when you send it and who you are sending it to.

But it’s the way this is researched, approached and integrated into the entire marketing mix that builds a more solid platform for effective results and longevity of campaign activity.

DMA insight: How to boost the creative impact of your email - LIVE SOON

Email, like other marketing assets, should reflect your brand.

And although it carries similar properties of both web and print, it’s display relies heavily on both the compatibilities of the email client and the device that it is.

DMA insight: Email campaign delivery - LIVE SOON

Delivery is determined by four main factors, each combining to ensure your emails arrive in the recipient’s mailbox and determining the success of your reach.

The amount of attention placed on delivery can often be the difference between good and bad email campaigns, especially when the campaign runs over longer or continued periods.

DMA insight: Email campaign response - LIVE SOON

Email as a medium provides a range of response metrics which can be seen as soon as the campaign has been sent, covering areas such as deliverability right through to customer behaviour and more.

This range of easily accessible metrics makes email a very attractive medium to marketers who can easily measure the success of their campaign activity.

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