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B2B Council Roundtable Podcast: B2B in a B2C World


Welcome to the first podcast from the DMA’s B2B Council. At the DMA, we often hold roundtable discussions where we ask experts to come and discuss topics with the aim of building our understanding and solidifying new and exciting ideas.

The B2B Council are keen to share their recent discussion with a wider audience – the DMA audience.

This roundtable looks at the advantages and disadvantages of working in B2B (Business to Business) marketing in a world that is dominated by B2C (Business to Consumer) activity and advice.

B2B has often been seen as the less glamorous counterpart to B2C marketing. It doesn’t have that immediate glitz and the glamour of B2C, as it’s not at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

B2B targets an entirely different audience, so the real results and successes of a campaign can often fall below the radar.

But that doesn’t mean the campaigns aren’t’ making waves.

Human interaction and behaviour lie at the heart of both B2B and B2C marketing. As such, the steps taken to create and launch a campaign are similar, and the key skills required are largely the same.

Watch the full video podcast below.

Click the links below for more in-depth interviews with some of our roundtable attendees:

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