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B2B in a B2C World - Bonus Content 2

Customer Engagement-01.png

The B2B Council are keen to share their recent discussion with a wider audience – the DMA audience.

We recently shared the full roundtable and the first bonus interview with you all.

Check out a few more expert insights below:

Thanks to all of our roundtable attendees and interview contributors:

Andrew Buckley, Executive Vice President, Mastercard

David Daniel, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Mastercard

Helen Brougham, Digital Marketing Manager, O2

Dave Stevens, Chair of Business Marketing Club (BMC)

Mark Thomas, Senior Director of EMEA Marketing Operation, Hilton Worldwide

Click the links below for more in-depth interviews with some of our roundtable attendees and the full podcast:

Full podcast

Bonus content 1

Bonus content 3

Discover more about the DMA's Customer Engagement campaign, here.

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