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Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2020


Each year, the DMA’s Annual Door Drop Industry Report provides the most accurate estimate available of the volume and value of the door drop market in the UK. The figures run from January to December 2019, representing a snapshot of how the door drop industry performed last year and comparing this back over the last five years and beyond.

After the challenging year in 2018, hopes were that 2019 would have been a year of positive changes.

However, Brexit and a General Election just before Christmas brought new challenges for many brands which are reflected in the results of this year’s analysis. Volumes have reduced slightly (from 5.4 in 2018 to 4.8 billion) while spending remained steady (just under £259 million against £258 million in 2018).

Although this report is released into a very different world from the one when data were collated, figures show the important role door drops can play in engaging and informing consumers during these challenging times.

As Tim Bond, Head of Insights at DMA, explained: ‘What coronavirus will mean for door drops is something we have to wait and see, but I believe it to be an opportunity for a medium that has proved itself time and time again. Whether it is engaging new customers or fostering loyalty in existing ones, door drops offer both an effective and scalable channel’.

This year’s figures include trended data from previous editions and additional insights from other trusted industry reports, such as JICMAIL and the Advertising Association/WARC.

Dive into our report and learn more about how door drops performed this year.

Also, in case you are interested in last year figures, have a look at the 2019’s report.

Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2020

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