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The DMA in Scotland

A warm welcome to your round-up of everything you need to know about our upcoming DMA activities in Scotland

DMA meets with Scottish Minister for Public Finance & Digital Economy, Kate Forbes MSP

Public Affairs Manager Michael Sturrock and other industry representatives participated in a roundtable discussing yesterday's Scottish Budget and the needs of business going forward.

Its National Apprenticeship Week

Discover why apprenticeships are great for businesses and young marketers through the eyes of Amy Keen, who is a client services apprentice at RAPP.
APP Look Beyond Making Impact Left.png

Masterclass: Recognising the needs of vulnerable consumers and how to make reasonable adjustments

Get the training you need from the experts to help your company compliantly and responsibly handle vulnerable consumers.

Better Marketers = Better Businesses

What capabilities drive marketing excellence? Two studies show the critical impact that ‘soft’ investments, such as training, have on key performance indicators, independent of industry.
Better Marketers = Better Businesses_Research articles.png

IDM Learning Blog: Training the Workforce of the Future

To grow your talent pool, you to invest - and know how to invest. Renowned futurist Tom Cheesewright believes equipping the next generation of data-driven marketers is the responsibility of all of us, and has five handy tips, here.

Data Best Practice: Keeping Your Data Clean

From the DMA’s Customer Data Council, the second in a series of articles looking at key facets of good data practice in marketing.
Data Best Practice- Keeping Your Data Clean_Customer Data Council (002).png

Join the DMA in the UK Advertising Export Group

The DMA is supporting the UK Advertising Export Group (UKAEG) to champion the UK’s data and marketing industry around the world. Read on to learn how to become part of UK advertising’s global marketing and business development drive.