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Loyalty and CRM in a New World

Experts from charity, travel, financial services, and retail sectors came together to share the challenges around customer loyalty throughout the pandemic. Read the detailed overview of the roundtable discussion from the DMA Customer Engagement Committee.

Coronavirus: Contact Tracing App is Privacy-Secure, but Still Has Issues

The verdict: great app, 6 months late, confusing for businesses and individuals, difficult to regain lost trust.

Coronavirus: Rishi Sunak Outlines Further Help for Business

The Chancellor is responding to worries that the end of the furlough scheme will cause huge unemployment.

Coronavirus: The Daily Digest

Coronavirus will have profound business impacts. We’re committed to keeping our Members up to speed on news, policy initiatives and the latest Government announcements with ramifications for the data and marketing industry, our community. This Daily Digest will update every 24hrs, and keep you...

Coronavirus: September 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The DMA’s survey into the impact of the Coronavirus, now in its sixth phase, reveals concerns about cashflows and jobs remain, leading the DMA’s CEO to call for further support to help protect people’s health and livelihoods. Read on to find out how the latest government restrictions may...

Data & Marketing Industry Diversity

For the data and marketing industry to become truly diverse and inclusive of the customers it serves, it must first look at itself. This dedicated article series does just that and showcases how the DMA is here to help.

Industry Diversity 2020: A More Diverse and Inclusive Future

To achieve real diversity in the workplace, organisations must dig deeper than simple metrics. What actions can you take? Find out what the DMA is doing to make create a more diverse and inclusive future a reality for our industry.

Industry Diversity: Gender and Sexuality

What does ‘diversity’ really mean? In this article, we explore gender and sexuality to have a clear picture of what the data and marketing industry looks like today. Read on to find out.

Industry Diversity: Ethnicity and Race

What does ‘diversity’ really mean? In this article, we explore ethnicity and race to have a clear picture of what the data and marketing industry looks like today. Read on to find out.